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School Polices

Dragonflies Dance Child Protection Policy

Dragonflies Dance Behaviour Policy

Dragonflies Dance General Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Dragonflies Dance Photography and Social Media Policy

Dragonflies Dance Unsupervised Children Policy

Terms and Conditions:

  • All parents must promptly complete a registration form in order to enroll their child in the school.

  • Regular attendance is required by all students.

  • Good time keeping (be ready before the class begins so you don't miss anything). 

  • Good Behaviour - all students are expected to behave in a polite and helpful manner - dancing requires discipline.

  • Children should be promptly collected at the end of class. 

  • Regulation uniform is to be worn for all classes after 4 weeks of registration please see our uniform page for more details.

  • Hair should be neat and tidy for all classes, for girls a bun in the between the ears is required in ballet and a low bun (at the nape of the neck) required for Acro.

  • Dance shoes must only be worn in the studio - not to be worn outside (if the soft sole of ballet shoes becomes wet or dirty it can affect performance, as will the soft metal on tap shoes -these scratch and damage easily).

  • Dragonflies Dance at North Curry is not responsible for children outside the class times - no children should be left unattended in the waiting area

  • Unless invited to come in to watch for specially arranged days - 'watching day', parents cannot watch class and are asked to wait in the lobby or designated waiting area. 

  • Fees are to be paid at the start of each term any child who is registered/enrolled in the school and has not paid the terms fees will not be able to take part until fees are paid (a £5 charge will incur for late payments).

  • Half a terms notice is required in writing if you wish to leave the school if not half a terms fees will be charged in lieu of that notice.

  • In the interests of health and safety all students must adhere to the school behavioral policy or they will be asked to leave the school without a refund.

  • Dragonflies Dance reserves the right to remove any student from their classes this includes for behavioral reasons or late payments. 

  • Changing for Classes: There is a dedicated girls changing room (social room) at North Curry Village Hall and Hatch Beauchamp Village Hall (both with large male toilets and foyer area for male students and large toilet facilities at Fivehead Village Hall and we ask that children DO NOT undress or change in public areas. To keep the Foyer free from bags and clothes we would also appreciate bags being left in the changing room during classes to enable full use of the Foyer as a seating area for parents waiting for children during classes. Pupils are asked to only use this room to change and leave their belongings during class and not as a meeting and social area.

  • Attending dance classes at similar local dance school is not permitted for Dragonflies students to ensure exam records are kept in order and to ensure secure training. There are exceptions - regional workshops, training provided by national ballet companies and musical theatre classes for example - please discuss with the principal if unsure. 

  • Please inform the principal if you will be leaving your child unsupervised in the changing room and please see our unsupervised children policy for further information - Dragonflies are responsible for children only when they are in their dance lesson. 

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