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Enrolment Form

All new customers and returning customers - please contact the school before attending to ensure there is a space as our class numbers are limited. After a successful free trial please complete the enrolment form and the COVID 19 Policy Acknowledgement form:



Please complete and return this form in order to return to class or join our school.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1) Fees are payable in 9 week payment blocks on or before the first date of the payment term. 2) 5 weeks notice in writing to the principal (term time) or 5 weeks of fees in lieu of that notice period is required upon leaving a class or leaving the dance school. 3) Late fees will incur a 10% weekly admin charge until the balance is paid in full 4) In the event of illness, injury or anything else preventing a student from attending, classes for the remainder of the payment term cannot be refunded. 5) Dragonflies Dance reserves the right to cancel classes in the event of severe weather conditions, teacher illness or any other emergency. Replacement classes will be arranged where possible but if it is not possible to arrange a replacement class no refund will be given. 6) I understand that it is necessary for dance teachers, assistan dance teachers and liscencesd chaperones to have appriopriate physical contact with students and I agree to this. 7) I give permission for my child to be videoed or photograped in class or performance situations and for these to be used in adverising and social media for school marketing purposes. 8) I give permission for the teacher to act upon my behalf in the event of an emergency in case I cannot be contacted. 9) I understand that parents are respectfully asked not to enter class, interupt class in any way and that special invitation only occasional parents watching days will be arranged. 10) I agree that my child will come to class in the correct uniform with hair groomed appropriately and that no jewelry may be worn to class except for small stud earrings 11) I understand that changing areas are communial (ie. male and female students may use the same changing areas to store their belongings) and that these may be accessible by the public therefore the school cannot be liable for loss or damage of personal belongings 12) I understand that young children may be asked to wait outside of the building when waiting for siblings if they are causing any disruption to learning 13) I agree for myself and my child to respect the premises and to help keep them clean and tidy and free from damage 14) I understand that our policys for Child Protection, Behaviour, Social Media and Photography, Data Protection and Unaccompanied Children can be found on the website and agree to these.

Thanks for submitting!

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