Timetable 2021-2022 

Please arrive on time or no earlier than 5 minutes before your class and wait for the class teacher to guide you to from the car park or outside the main entrance to your class. 

Toilets are available for student use and masks may be worn in communal areas for those not except but do not need to be worn for classes as this is a physical activity (01/01/2022). 

Please note, that no parents may enter the building at this time to reduce capacity and risk (01/01/2022).


Hatch Beauchamp Village Hall


4.00-4.45pm G2 Tap and G3 Modern

4.45-5.45pm Junior Acrobatic Arts 1 (levels 2-4)

5.45-6.45pm Teen Acro

6.45-7.45pm Senior Acro

7.45-8.45pm Intermediate Ballet



North Curry Village Hall


4.45-5.30pm Grade 4 Ballet

5.30-6.15pm Grade 4 Tap

6.15-7.00pm Bronze Jazz/Grade 4 Modern (exam)

7.00-8.00pm Intermediate Modern 

8.00-8.45pm Grade 6 Tap

8.45-9.30pm Grade 7 Ballet


Fivehead Village Hall


4.30-5.15pm Grade 4 Ballet (exam class)

5.15-6.00pm Intermediate Foundation and Pre-Pointe (new)

6.00-6.45pm Grade 5 Modern/ Silver Jazz

6.45-7.30pm Grade 6 Ballet

7.30-8.30pm Intermediate-Foundation Ballet and Pointe

8.30-9.30pm Advanced-Foundation Ballet and Pointe


North Curry Village Hall

3.45-4.15pm Grade 1 Ballet (ages 8+)

4.15-4.45pm Grade 1 Tap and Grade 1 Modern (ages 8+)

4.45-5.30pm Grade 3 Ballet (ages11+)

5.30-6.00pm Bronze Jazz/Grade 4 Modern

6.00-6.45pm Grade 3 Tap

6.45-7.45pm Darcy Bussell’s DDMIX


Fivehead Village Hall

Elite Team Rehearsals Teen and Seniors latest timetable here




Curry Rivel Village Hall

9.30-10.00am (Mini Ballet Ages 3+)

10.00-10.30am Pre-Primary Ballet (New ages 5+)

10.30-11.00am Mini Acro and Modern Dance (Ages 5+ New)
11.00-11.30am Primary Ballet

11.30-12.15pm Grade 2 Ballet (Ages 9+)

12.15-1.00pm Junior/Teen Acrobatic Arts (Ages 9+) 

1.00-1.45pm Grade 5 Ballet (New)