Timetable 2019-2020


Hatch Beauchamp Village Hall

3.45-4.15pm Pre-primary Ballet (ages 5+)

4.15-4.45pm Mini Acro (age 4+)

4.45-5.30pm Junior Acrobatic Arts

5.30-6.00pm Boys Technique (invitation only)

6.00-6.45pm DDNC Junior Elite

6.45-7.30pm Teen Acrobatic Arts

7.30-8.30pm Senior Acrobatic Arts (Invitation Only)

8.30-9.30pm Advanced-Foundation Ballet and Pointe

Curry Rivel Village Hall

3.45-4.30pm Junior Acrobatic Arts (Beginners age 7+)

4.30-5.15pm  Grade 4 Ballet
5.15-6.00pm Grade 3 Modern

6.00-7.00pm Grade 5 Ballet

7.00-8.00pm Intermediate Ballet and Pointe


North Curry Village Hall

4.45-5.30pm Grade 5 Tap

5.30-6.15pm Intermediate Modern (new)

6.15-7.00pm Grade 6 Ballet

7.00-8.00pm Grade 8 Ballet

8.00-9.00pm Advanced 1 Modern

9.00-9.30pm Intermediate Tap


Fivehead Village Hall

4.00-4.45pm Grade 3 Ballet (invitation only)

4.45-5.30pm Grade 5 Ballet

5.30-6.15pm Grade 4 Modern

6.15-7.00pm Grade 5 Tap

7.00-8.00pm DDNC Senior Elite

8.00-9.30pm Advanced 2 Ballet and Pointe


North Curry Village Hall

3.45-4.15pm Primary Ballet

4.15-4.30pm  Primary Tap (Beginners)

4.30-5.15pm Grade 2 Ballet

5.15-5.45pm Grade 2 Modern

5.45-6.15pm Grade 2 Tap

6.15-7.00pm Adult Ballet

7.00-7.45pm Darcy Bussell’s DDMIX

Curry Rivel Village Hall

6.30-7.15pm Intermediate-Foundation Ballet                              (Beginners - Invitation Only)

7.15-8.15pm Grade 7 Ballet

8.15-9.00pm Grade 6 Modern


North Curry Village Hall

3.30-4.00pm Grade 2 Modern

4.00-4.30pm Grade 1 Tap 

4.30-5.15pm Grade 1 Ballet 

5.15-5.45pm Grade 3 Tap

5.45-6.15pm Grade 4 Modern/Bronze Jazz

6.15-7.00pm Grade 3 Ballet

7.00-8.15pm Inter-Foundation Ballet and Pointe

8.15-9.00pm DDNC Teen Elite


Curry Rivel Village Hall

9.00-9.30am (Mini Ballet ages 3+)

9.30-10.00am Pre-Primary Ballet
10.00-10.30 Primary Tap 

10.30-11.00am Grade 2 Ballet

11.00-12.00pm Grade 4 Ballet

12.00-12.30pm Fun Tap (ages 8+)

12.30-1.30pm Grade 5 Ballet

1.30-3.00pm Private Lessons (Booked)

Fivehead Village Hall

10.00-4.30pm Exam/Festival Coaching 

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