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'Our daughter Esmé has gained so much self confidence since attending Tap and Ballet with Libby at Fivehead.

She looks forward to her Lessons and always walks out/ dances out with a beaming smile .

Libby's enthusiastic, cheerful determined attitude is very inspiring to all of us. We thoroughly recommend Dragonflies Dance school.'

Suzanna, Richard and Esmé.

I love Dragonflies Dance because there is a wide range of different styles to choose from and all the teachers are amazing. They are very good at making sure that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves and learning new steps. I especially love the exams because we get our hair styled and at the end we get cake!


Dancer aged 9.

I have been attending Miss Libby's Adult ballet and DDMix classes for  a year. I am 70 and it was nearly 50 years since I last did a dance class!   It is great to have the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident to dance again, despite the limitations that come with age .  I enjoy the physical and mental challenge in good company where we just work within our own abilities, having so much more fun than going to the gym. Thanks Libby.

Marilyn - DDMIX and Adult Ballet Student.

We are so delighted that our girls dance at Dragonflies. The teaching is of an exceptional standard and there are so many opportunities to take exams, participate in festivals and community events. Our girls equally love the formal discipline of ballet as well as cartwheeling through the air in Acrobatic Dance! Most importantly, they have made some fantastic friendships through dance and have so much fun.


Parents of girls aged 9 and 13.

My daughters have danced at the school since the ages of 3 and 4 respectively.  They've made many friends from different schools and across the age groups which has helped with the transition from primary to secondary school.  Working towards exams and taking part in competitions and bi-annual shows has helped  them develop confidence as well as many social and team working skills which have, and will continue  to benefit them as they grow older.  Miss Libby is a great teacher and most importantly, the girls really enjoy all their dance activities in what is a friendly and supportive "family" environment.

Parent of Dancers aged 10 and 15.

'I really love dancing here, its a friendly environment and everyone encourages and supports eachother. Its really fun, I look forward to coming every week. We all work as a team and enjoy eachothers company. The teachers are patient, kind, understanding and we all laugh and have memorable times as well as dancing. It's like a second home and we love it!'

Hannah - age 13.

'I enjoy coming to this dance school because it provides a great opportunity for me and other dancers to learn different styles of dance that we love to do. Our teacher, Miss Libby, is very enthusiastic when teaching, and explains the technique in a way that is understandable for me to learn. Also she provides confidence, re-assurance and is very kind. Come and join Dragonflies Dance School!'

Jade - age 15.

'I really like coming to Dragonflies Dance because I have been able to vastly improve my dance ability whilst enjoying myself. I didn't start ballet too long ago, however,  I have been able to progrress really far in this time with alot of support from my classmates and Miss Libby.'

Jess - age 15.

Of all the activities and clubs my daughter participates in, I think I enjoy her dance the most. I love the biannual show - it really is superbly put together with fantastic choreography from Miss Libby and an amazing variety of dance styles. It is incredible to see what talent can be brought to the fore by dedicated high quality teaching. I really look forward to it. 


Lessons are always very focused and the children are expected to concentrate and work hard which is a great discipline in itself and they always seem to excel when it comes to exams. Miss Libby has high aspirations for them. I enjoy watching the whole class make progress and am impressed by the detailed attention each child gets to help them correct mistakes or improve further.

Parent of Dancer aged 11.

'I like Tap because my shoes make a lot of noise and I like that! It is very fun working towards exams because I am proud of myself when I have performed in front of the examiner.

I like ballet because it is graceful and beautiful, also I like the music. I think it is a great activity to do!'

Dancer - age 9. 

'Dragonflies' Dance teacher Libby, runs classes that will enable you to perform simple routines immediately.

She is enthusiastic, kind, patient, possessed of endless good humour  and an expert in her field.  


The classes are a stress free,  gentle workout for both mind and body and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attend.'

Deborah - Adult Ballet Student.

'I like dancing at Dragoonflies because everyone is friendly and supportive. It is a large school now but it's nice it is grown steadily as everybody knows each other. I really enjoy doing shows and festivals - especially when we win!'

Naomi - age 16.

Miss Libby and her helpers are friendly and kind.  Miss Libby always makes sure you are the best you can be, and she will be pleased as long as you try your best  I've got friends in the school of all different ages   We are all one big team and work together.

Hermione - age 10.

'Miss Libby has lots of positive energy when teaching which has helped the school grow since she took it on. We have recently done a show which everyone loved. I love my dance school and I know Miss Libby can help all students, young and old do their best. It's fun and serious about correct technique which is a good combination. Dragonflies Dance is an amazing school!'

Harriett - age 15.

'I like coming to dance at Dragonflies because everyone is really supportive of each other. Also because the lessons are really fun. Even though it is a class where we are learning, we always have fun and get socialize with our friends at dancing.'

Izzy - age 13.


“I’ve been attending the adult ballet classes for two years. I’m in my mid sixties and had never done ballet before: now I’m hooked ! Within a few months I was poured into Lycra to dance in the biennial show ! I really love the classes. Libby is an inspiring teacher. We have a giggle but we also learn a lot. My posture and balance have improved, and I’ve made new friends.”

Sally - Adult Ballet Student.

Everyone is very friendly - the children and the grown-ups. I like doing the shows best because it's fun to act out a story in dance.

Dancer - age 11.

'Dragonflies dance has enabled me to take up ballet lessons as an adult which has been an ambition of mine for long time, with a patient and experienced teacher I'm finding the lessons are really enjoyable.'


 Wendy - Adult Ballet Student.

'I like coming to this dance school because I really enjoy dancing, it's my favorite activity. I also like it because I like dancing with my friends. I like doing shows and festivals because I like the different costumes! Our dance teacher, Miss Libby, is very kind and good at teaching. I really like to be challenged.'

Georgia - age 15.

'Doing ballet class at Dragonflies gives me the ability to take a break from my academic studies, where I can enjoy dancing with my friends and improve my fitness.'

Eloise - age 16.

'I really look forward to my ballet class, I forget about everything else that is going on in life and just enjoy the music and the experience of dancing.'

Beccy – Adult Ballet Student.

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