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Classical Ballet

Ballet is known in dance training as the foundation of all dance styles. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Where appropriate, students take examinations. We have classes at all levels, from Mini Ballet (aged 3) to Grade 8s and vocational level students.


Learning ballet at any age has many benefits; balance, co-ordination, poise, posture, strength, memory, creativity, communication, self-confidence - to name but a few and contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


In children's classes at the school we use creative teaching methods to ensure students can reach their full potential whilst having fun. In the early stages of ballet classes (such as Tots Ballet or Pre-primary it is important to be able to accomplish locomotive movements such as walking with poise, running wih poise, skipping, marching and gallops - as a foundation to progress further in the student's dance training. 


If you are interested in your child, or yourself,  joining our ballet classes please get in touch for more information.

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