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Thank you for a wonderful Show!

In May 2021 Dragonflies Dancers managed to safely

put on a whole school show!

How did we do it?

Each group or class were only allowed into the theatre for a slot, we filmed all their dances in that slot. Cleaned the areas in use and then the next group came in. We made sure all dancers were socially distanced unless in the same school or family bubble as another dancer. It took 2 days to film the 2 hour show which was a huge success with over 200 people watching it online and sales of DVDs were also good.

This was a better option for our students then cancelling the show altogether and wasting their hard work and a chance to make memories, especially after the show was meant to be in March 2020 and was cancelled just 10 days before due to the pandemic.

Well done dancers amazing work with just 4 weeks to prepare and lots of dances to change to being socially distanced!

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