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Weymouth and North Devon Dance Festival Success for Dragonflies Dance Students!

Wow what a fantastic time the junior, teen and senior elite teams from Dragonflies Dance had this week at North Devon and Weymouth Dance festivals. Well done to everybody that took part! Every student from Dragonflies took home a medal this week and every dancer performed their absolute best and worked fantastically as a team really supporting each other throughout. Thank you to the senior elite team for supporting the younger dancers, thank you to the parents for getting all the students to rehearsals and preparing them for their performances and thank you to Miss Harriett, Miss Alice and Miss Georgia for your choreography of the 9 years trio and some of our solos! A fantastic supportive dance school - you should all be so proud!

A total of 68 medals and 3 trophies were achieved by Dragonflies students this week.

North Devon Dance Festival: 1st place Classical Duet 12 years and under - Leah and Isabella 1st place Classical Trio 9 years and under - Jemima, Verity and Ruby 1st place and festival cup Classical Ballet solo 18 years - Harriett 2nd place Classical Ballet solo 15 and 16 years - Hannah J 3rd place Classical trio 15 years and under - Hannah, Hannah and Evie 3rd place Novice Tap 12 years and under - Naomi S 3rd place Novice Lyrical 10 years and under - Jemima

1st place and festival cup Classical group 18 years and under - DDNC Senior Elite 1st place and festival cup Classical Group 12 year and under - DDNC Junior Elite 2nd Place Cabaret Group 12 years and under - DDNC Junior Elite 3rd Place Cabaret Group 15 years and under - DDNC Teen Elite 3rd place Classical group 15 years and under - DDNC Teen Elite

Weymouth Dance Festival: 3rd place and qualifying mark with commended classical group 21 years and under - DDNC Senior Elite 4th place with commended Cabaret Duets 15 years and under - Hannah P and Evie

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